Mango Hot water Treatment Tubs

Plant Features:
1.The hot water treatment machine is the universal drying equipment,
Equipped with noise elimination low noise automatic temperature control system.
2.Totally enclosed circulatory system improves thermal efficiency from 3-7% of the traditional drying oven to 35- 40% of the present ones. And the highest heat efficiency can be up to 70%.
3.Most of hot air circles in the sealed oven,high heating efficiency and energy-saving. .
4.Low working noise ,stable working condition automatic temperature control system,
easy to install and maintain.
5.The hot water treatment oven is made in Stainless SteelL-316.
6.The final water content can be <1%. Delivery Period:. Delivery in 1month. Mango hot water treatment Technical Parameter: Production efficiency 1-8tons/hour (OR ACCORDING TO REQUIREMENTS) Matched power 10kw Power supply 220v/380v Dimension 5FT by 10ft each tub length Weight 50kg Each tub Application For reducing the activity of mango enzyme, increasing the mango’s shelf life.

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