Salt Processing Line:

The process of refining salt is a chain mechanism which involves the following machines to work
together till the final product (Salt) is obtained in Powder form this complete line is made in Stainless
Steel L-316 Grade(Food Grade SS) .

Production Capacity of this plant is 5Tons/Hour.

1-Salt Carrying Conveyor (Elevator Conveyor).
2-Washing Unit.
3-Brushing & Showering Conveyor.
4-Salt Drying Oven.
5-Salt Carrying Conveyor (Elevator Conveyor).
6-Hammer Mill (Grinding Mill).
7-Bucket Elevator Conveyors.
8-Salt Sifter (Vibrator).

We are manufacturers & can give any required capacity of plant.

Salt Carrying Conveyor (Elevator Conveyor)

This conveyor is carrying Himalayan Rock Salt Stones.

Washing Unit

Washing unit is functioning as a washer of Himalayan Rock Salt Stones because salt contains
some amount of dust particles & other unwanted particles.

Brushing & Showering Conveyor

The salt here is washed & it needs to be brushed for further cleanness.
Brusher will brush the salt as well as there is showering system on top therefore the salt
is washing as well brushing.

Salt Drying Oven

After the washing & brushing the salt is wet so it needs to be dry therefore salt is treated with
heat to remove water content from it.

Hammer Mill (Grinding Mill)

After the washing brushing & Drying process the salt Blocks are ready for grinding
therefore Hammer mill is performing the function of hammering the salt stones to form powder salt.

Bucket Elevator Conveyors

After the Washing ,Brushing, Dehydrating & Hammering the salt stones/Blocks are in the powder form
which are continuously carried by the Buckets present inside the Elevator, These Buckets are fitted through the Belt which is Food grade belt 4mm in thickness.

Salt Sifter (Vibrator)

The salt powder coming here on sifter (Vibrator) is in different particle sizes therefore it needs to be
separated in 6 different sizes through this Sifter .
In the sifter there are 6 mesh present on the top & each is having a knob through the salt comes out.
This shown sifter separates 0.5mm 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm & 5mm salt particles.
(Mesh Size is According to our Customers Need).
Other particle sizes are going back the second grinding machine which is also connected to the Second Bucket Elevator.